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Therapeutics Products

Searching the Net for Help with Your Skin Problems ? 

What you are using isn’t working ?

Products from the doctors don’t seem to be helping ?

Why is that ?

The products you are using are likely to be full of harsh petro-chemicals.


Many people think it is strange that their doctors do not know this. Well, the fact is, doctors are doctors and not chemists ! So you may turn to products in the shops. You look for ‘natural’ ingredients and that can get confusing too. Natural ingredients, e.g. Aloe Vera, printed on the front label can make up as little as 1% of the product with the rest being harsh petro-chemicals.

There is also a misconception that paraffin is good for the skin. From a dermatology/scientific/chemistry view point IT IS NOT ! Paraffin strips skin of its’ own naturals oils causing chapping and dryness and often bringing on many other skin disorders. Paraffin is just one of dozens of harsh chemicals you may be using every day in products from many well-known brands on the market.

The products you see on this site do not contain harsh chemicals and the high success rate (over 97%) is proof positive of their effective formulations !

Natural oils are very healthy for the skin. They build up the hydro lipid film, an external barrier which defends the skin against infection and bacteria.
This film keeps the skin supple. And, if natural oils are applied (not chemicals) it is hugely nourishing for the skin whilst at the same time giving it a healthy ‘ph’ balance.

The oils are anti-bacterial and anti-infection – a major benefit from those suffering from conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. Such products will remove bacteria giving the skin an opportunity to heal itself.

If you purchase from the ‘Therapeutic’ range you will see your skin improve daily until it’s fully healthy – but it does not stop there !

Natural oils are full of omega (fatty acids which boost the protective film on the surface of the skin keeping it supple) beta carotene (which reduces the chances of getting burnt whilst promoting a tan) many minerals and vitamins, high level gamma linolenic acid,‘GLA’ (which helps strengthen the skins’ supporting collagen fibres and is an excellent skin moisturiser for dry skin).

Why are you safe with the ‘Therapeutics’  range ?

Products are formulated by pharmaceutically trained scientists with more than 17 years experience.

Products are formulated in England in accordance with EU/UK Cosmetic Law and Regulations and governed by UK Trading Standards Authorities. 

Would you like to know what to use and when?

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