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Natural Mineral Deodorant Crystal


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    Product Description

    Happy with  your deodorant  ?

    We now offer you a Paraben free, natural alternative deodorant. For  just £4.99 you can buy our 90gram Natural Mineral Deodorant Crystal.

    Easy to use: just dampen the mineral crystal in warm water and use as you would any underarm roll on deodorant.

    The Paraben  Story:
    The link between Breast Cancer and Parabens has been under discussion for more than 10 years.  Many of our original customers heard what we had to say about Parabens and decided to use our Paraben free products.
    It has taken years for other well known brands to begin to remove Paraben preservatives from  their products. We are pleased that they have done this and believe that our tireless work in this area has contributed to the change.  However, there are a number of companies selling products that still contain Parabens : just one such product is DEODORANT. Parabens are one of the many ingredients linked with health issues.
    We tested, extensively, 100%  natural alternative deodorants to see which ones work best, even on those hot summer days, and can enthusiastically report that this Natural Mineral Deodorant Crystal is fantastic !  The idea is not completely new but we believe we have found you the best version of the crystal deodorant, at an attractive price and  size.

    This product is also ideal for men. We asked some body builders in a gym to test this deodorant for us and they could not believe just how good the results were;  so expect great results and  total protection with zero risk from chemicals!!

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