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Kill ‘Em Dead Spot Kit


200ml Face Wash – Cucumber & Peppermint
50ml Moisturiser – Grapeseed & Cucumber
30ml Serum for spots – Tea Tree, Peppermint & Geranium


  • Description

    Product Description


    Kill ‘Em Dead Spot Kit

    The Kill ‘Em Dead Spot Kit is a blend of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory essential oils to combat overactive sebaceous glands for a clean and healthy skin – no harsh chemicals or alcohol which dry the skin and cause further problems.

    Highly effective for under the skin spots; the face wash and Konjac Sponge (not included) will slowly work as a microdermabrasion treatment if used daily, thus,  a few weeks later you will be amazed at how much clearer your skin has become.

    How to use:  Use the Face Wash morning (recommended with the Konjac Sponge at least four times a week) and night to keep pores clear and clean (this can eventually stop them appearing in the first place).  Apply the Moisturiser daily after the Face Wash to control the oil levels in the skin during the day.  Apply the Spot Serum to a clean skin before you go to bed; this can even make some spots disappear overnight – this is the most effective way of keeping your skin in perfect condition.

    Tip: Ensure your hands are clean before you start each routine.


    I just wanted to let you know that I ordered four more Kill ‘Em Dead Spots and Acne kits for my children.

    The results have been amazing for my daughter and my son has seen some success. I suspect that he is not as faithful with his routine, we are working on it. Thank you so much! We have been working for over two years to find the right products for Maddy. I felt like we were at the end of the rope until we met you and the Spots and Acne collection.

    Thank you again, the products really are miraculous!  Take care,  Kate (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

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    200ml Face Wash – Cucumber & Peppermint
    50ml Moisturiser – Grapeseed & Cucumber
    30ml Serum for Spots – Tea Tree, Peppermint & Geranium


    Product Code: TS001A