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Testing on Animals:

The products and the raw materials used to make them are not tested on animals. By European law all finished cosmetic products cannot be tested on animals.

Vegan and Vegetarian:

All products are suitable as they contain no animal ingredients at all – including bees wax or honey and neither are they milk related.


Providing a specially formulated fragrance free range of products for customers with over-sensitive skin, the ingredients are plant based and contain aloe vera extract – working to calm down the skin over a few months, and in many cases, restore it back to normal.

Certified Organic ingredients:

Sourcing raw materials from companies with approved organic certification, such as the Soil Association and EcoCert is the company’s aim. Vegetable and plant extracts are also organically derived from certified sources.




Products are suitable for those following Halal as they do not contain alcohol or animal ingredients.

Environmental Issues:

At least 1.6 billion tons of chemicals from shampoos alone are fed down the drains every year in the UK.  Products on this website are plant derived and water soluble; they break up easily and are kinder to the environmental cycle, without adding to the pollution.

Re-cycling, re-using all boxes and components, wherever possible, is policy.


Naturopathic skin care ranges deliver effectiveness and quality. Using naturopathic principles from alternative medicine, the formulations are created with high quality pure plant botanical ingredients which are 100% natural and totally free of petroleum chemicals, parabens, alcohols and synthetic perfumes.