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Anti-Ageing Ethos

10 Years Younger Kits

What to expect:

To understand more you have to get “under the skin” – it’s like a battle ground with the free radicals trying to outgun the antioxidants (free radicals cause ageing to cells and antioxidants slow this down dramatically).

Very few other skincare products contain enough antioxidants to really make an impact.

In fact many big brands have no antioxidants and may even contain chemicals which are themselves free radicals.
That is why you see so many people who, although they use skincare products daily, have signs of pre-mature ageing occurring.

How the kits work:waterdropsonleaf

Firstly, by neutralising any further damage of free radicals and the largest amounts are from the sun (Note: SPF’s do not really protect you from them);

Secondly, by strengthening the hydro lipid film, which keeps skin supple and which few other skincare brands provide; indeed many chemicals used in other skincare products actually remove this important film on the skin;

Thirdly, the oils used are full of the most natural vitamins, proteins, omegas, vitamins, proteins minerals and beta carotene which in turn aid skin regeneration and collagen production.

The delivery system of the ‘10 Years Younger’ kit is unique; massage the oil into the skin first and then apply the cream over the top. This traps the oil leaving a matt finish – still allowing you to apply make-up if you wish.
If you have dry skin, apply the oil to wet/damp skin then apply the cream over the top.

We recommend you use the two products in the morning, after cleansing, to give you protection all day from free radicals and UVA light.

At night, after cleansing, apply a little oil then the cream, particularly around the eyes.

Using the Face Wash is hugely beneficial as it contains the ingredient ‘nanocrystalline cellulose’ which is recognised as being the biggest breakthrough in skin healing in centuries.  See Skin Protection – Development through Nature

Also adviseable is to exfoliate at least once a week (more often is better) with the Konjac Sponge whilst cleansing with the Cleanser or Face Wash – or both, for a cleansing and moisturising result.


See your skin lift and become alive with a fresh and youthful appearance and a soft feel to the touch. The formulations contain the actives to stimulate collagen in the skin, even plumping and building up the skin which is just what is needed as you get older.

If you apply the oil on wet skin, you will then have totally hydrated skin.

If you use one of the cleansing products, i.e. Face Wash or Cleanser, with the Konjac Sponge your surface layer of dead skin will be removed much more successfully than any other scrub/exfoliator you have used in the past.

To experience best results in reduction of lines and wrinkles -  You Should Use The Products Every Day!

All Kits Contain:-

One Facial Oil (30ml)
One Blending Cream (30ml)  **The Blending Cream works superbly as an Eye Cream and Night Cream**

except the

Original 10 Years Younger Kit which has:-

One Luxury Facial Oil (30ml)

One Rejuvenating Face Cream (30ml)