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It is estimated that over 21 million people in the UK suffer from, or have suffered from, a skin problem.If you are visiting this website it is possibly because you, or someone you know, suffers from a skin problem. Doubtless you have sought help from various medical professions but are finding the problem perpetuates. This ‘Therapeutics’ range has helped many people who suffer skin problems; “How ?” you ask yourself. The reason is that the products do the most important thing for your skin - feed it with healthy ingredients instead of damaging chemicals ! After years of study worldwide, links between skin-related problems and everyday products that contain chemicals in their formulations has been established. From hand washes to moisturisers, hair shampoos to deodorants, research has discovered that our skin is exposed to at least 175 different chemicals each day. Nearly all of these chemicals can bring on irritations causing reactions to the skin by stripping natural oils from the lower layers and drying out the cells. The ‘Therapeutics’ range is designed for people prone to skin problems; formulas do not contain chemical irritants - instead offering 100% un-adulterated botanical plant ingredients, essential and vital oils. These natural ingredients contain HUGE quantities of vitamins, proteins and minerals that feed your skin cells which then makes them stronger and healthier.

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