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A NEW range of everyday products for Ladies, Gentlemen, Children and suitable for all skin types: be they dry, oily, combination, normal, sensitive or prone to allergies. The first completely allergen free range (free even from natural allergens). The range is also anti-ageing: from the cellulose gel in the face wash - described by scientists in 2012 as “the biggest breakthrough in anti-ageing and skin healing" - to the intensive antioxidant, healing, repairing, neutral PH balanced formulations. Good skincare is all about preventing damage to the Hydrolipid Film on the skin which keeps the skin supple. The products both clean effectively and repair the skin from damage built up during the day; this damage has been caused by UVA light, free radicals and chemicals found in most other skin care brands and makeup. We believe these to be the best daily products you can use on your skin!

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