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What you should know about SPF Sun Protection

What you should know about SPF sun protection

Hello again – here we are with further news on looking after your skin in the sunshine…and safely…..

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To begin with, we do hope that you will enjoy the forthcoming holidays - a very Happy Easter to one and all - shortly,

we will be set to welcome in the summer!!!

Here below is some valuable information on how to protect your skin whilst enjoying the sunshine at the same time……read on…….

We thought we’d take a little time to tell you the truths about some of the popular sunscreens you’re used to seeing in the high street stores.

How SPF works:

SPF sunscreens work by reflecting the direct sunlight off your skin. They are able to do this as they contain titanium or zinc dioxide, used in tiny fragments, which essentially act as a mirror to UVB rays. This protects you from any surface skin burn that may otherwise occur.

Whilst skin surface burns are sore and not a good look, they may not be as damaging as it was first thought. The skin sheds a layer every 28-45 days, so when you get burnt in this way, you are only burning the very top layers and you will naturally lose this skin. So, as long as you are not exposing sunburn to the sun day after day, this should not cause any lasting damage.

The dangers of SPF:

Firstly the ingredient titanium dioxide, which is used in many SPF sunscreens, has been proven to be dangerous to health, even carcinogenic, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

To give you an idea of how toxic titanium dioxide is, it is also used as a pigment to provide whiteness and opacity to paints, plastics, paper and ink. When this is used in your sunscreen, it has to be coated with silica or alumina (even more chemicals), as it creates radicals which are carcinogenic and could damage the skin.

Titanium dioxide has also been proven to have a definite link to skin irritation, prickly heat and rosacea.

Secondly, due to wearing a SPF and not feeling the physical effects of sunburn, you are lured into a false sense of security to stay in the sun for long periods of time. However, in this time you are exposing your skin to and absorbing a high amount of UVA.

SPF can also stop your skin absorbing vitamin D, which is essential for healthy bones, supporting the immune system, protecting against dementia, excess fat loss and anti-cancer properties.

The hidden danger:

UVA is the hidden danger. SPF sunscreens do not protect you from UVA, which is now seen as the cause of the worst forms of skin cancer.

UVA rays cannot be bounced back, they penetrate into the skin. They are a molecule that is present pretty much everywhere there is light, all year round. So, even in the shade or through a window, you are not protected. UVA damage is not immediately visible to the eye and penetrates through to the deep layers of the dermis, close to your nerves and glands and mutates cells that are being formed in the lower dermis. The less serious effect caused by UVA is pre-mature ageing.

So, what can you do?

The company I represent has found that natural oils neutralise UVA light – a little like electricity coming into contact with rubber. If you have natural oil on the skin then any UVA is neutralised.

That is why it has created the perfect natural alternative to the products full of chemicals, which may be causing more damage than good.

The Ultra-Sensitive Body Oil has been developed using essential oils to neutralise any UVA rays. It also helps protect against UVB as the essential oils naturally speed up the skins own defence to these rays by encouraging the melanin to react quicker. Professor Brian Cox explained last year that it is through melanin that animals are able to survive in the sun.

That is not the only advantage! Along with being free from chemicals, parabens and synthetic perfumes – so perfect for sensitive skin – it is also massively moisturising and protective to collagen so is a real anti-ageing benefit!

But isn’t oil dangerous?

In a word: No. Oils aren’t as dangerous as they are often portrayed to be in the media. Our oils are unadulterated…the best you can find!!

If you imagine you are frying chicken pieces, you put oil in the pan to stop the heat burning the outside of the chicken before the inside is thoroughly cooked. So, this is what the oil does; it allows your skin to absorb the heat slowly whilst neutralising any harsh UVA rays and encouraging your skin to protect itself against UVB, naturally.

But remember:

No sun protection makes it safe to sit in the sun for hours on end. We recommend if you are sunbathing, then you do so for maximum of an hour at a time, allowing your skin to recover in between, and avoid the mid-day sunlight.

Also remember to re-apply your oil every time you go back into the sun and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

If you are careful not to get burnt in the early days of subjecting yourself to sunlight, you will get a super tan which lasts a long time.

Enjoy the sunshine, it is proven to be good for you, just enjoy it with care!

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