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If you suffer from unsightly ingrowing hairs or post depilation rash, which many of us – whether male or female – do, it may spoil your holidays or cause pain and irritation throughout the day.

The company have the perfect solution in the Therapeutics Moisturiser. What is more, it has no chemicals or alcohol, just good healthy natural oils that help stop infection. Simply apply after waxing or shaving to eliminate skin problems. (Please note: many salons use the cheapest after-wax cream full of horrid chemicals which can make things worse). This is the perfect product! It is available in 100ml or 200ml. So if you want rid of rashes, plucked chicken skin and no infections, then this is a fantastic product for you!

Did you know that 70% of the population who remove hair (by whatever method) will at some time suffer with ingrowing hair problems?

Men who develop spots, have “ingrowing hairs”, or suffer around the neck area after shaving or chest/back after waxing…. we have not forgotten you!

Anyone who shaves their face, legs or anywhere else, can use our Easy Shave Oil to stop these problems in their tracks. You can use this product as an anti-bacterial body oil, so here you have extra value for money! Sporty people have many problems with ingrowing hair due to shaving and friction – cyclists and runners take note!

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