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Hair Products

Hair loss or thinning of hair affects over 50% of women, the statistic is higher in men. Maintenance of  blow drying, straightening, styling and dyeing the hair can take its’ toll on our hair but one of the main reasons we find hair becomes damaged, brittle and broken is the shampoo used !

Shampoos cause the most damage to hair because washing it every day or so alters the natural ‘pH’ of hair and using shampoos that contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and silicones means that you are clogging up your hairDrop of water follicles and preventing the hair from repairing itself, inhibiting healthy hair growth and covering the hair with a synthetic build up. You find these damaging ingredients in high street and even professional brands so it does not matter if you are using a £1 or even a £50 shampoo because they often contain the same harsh chemicals.

The shampoos do not contain damaging chemicals such as you will find in 99% of other brands; only very essential oils are used…and they are great for your hair !!

Vital Oils (found in all the oil products in the range) are an excellent conditioning tonic treatment if you use a small amount after washing your hair: simply flick a tiny amount through the strands (too much will leave your hair oily) and you will be treating it to a perfect alternative to heavy conditioners.

Once a week a deep Vital Oil treatment can make a huge difference to the condition of your hair – even to thinning hair!  Apply the oil to the hair, scalp and ends then cover with a towel for an hour, to allow the oils to soak in, then wash out with one of our shampoos.  You will find the condition of your hair improves massively, with less broken, brittle, damaged strands and noticeable improvement in hair growth.


The oils come in 250ml containers so you can also use them after showering as a body oil and in the bath for a deep moisturising soak which is especially beneficial for those with dry skin.

The NEW Anti-Ageing Luxury Chocolate and Vanilla Hair Conditioner has been long awaited!  Specially formulated… it’s “out of this world”.  The feed back from trials has been overwhelming.
Both Cocoa and Vanilla are packed full of antioxidants and can add vibrant shine and volume whilst promoting healthy hair  - in addition to leaving it full of a “delicious” scent! The antioxidants work the same way as they do on the skin, protecting your scalp and hair from free radicals thus slowing down ageing.
It’s a fabulous all hair type conditioner  and for gentlemen with beards - use a little to keep them in great condition.