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“I’ve got itchy skin” we hear it all the time from people, especially men and children, suffering from itchiness that’s driving them mad. Researchers have been trying to find solutions in the natural world and feedback indicates that applying our Cucumber gel (in the form of the Pacifying Gel Mask) stops the itching within seconds – and the great news is that you can use it all over your bodycucumber3.

Cucumber (from research into skin whitening) has a naturally occurring bleach in it – not the bleach we use in the kitchen. This is different as it kills the bacteria which causes the itching on the skin. It doesn’t help to stop things such as eczema and other related skin problems -you would still need to use the Therapeutics creams and oils to treat these complaints. Applying the Cucumber gel stops the itching allowing undisturbed sleep. It is very safe as it’s just cucumber extract and cellulose gel from trees so suitable for everyone – even children.


Whitening Cucumber !

‘Skin Whitening’ has traditionally been helped by using very harsh chemical products, some of which have now been banned due to links with skin cancer and cases of burning the skin.

There has never been an alternative natural product, until now. In pursuit of ‘natural scientific studies’ it has been discovered that Cucumber contains an ingredient which creates a lightening of the skin naturally, so using the Pacifying Gel Mask, with its’ cucumber and cellulose gel properties (from trees), shows it to lighten the tone on darker skin. We recommend you use it normally as a face mask or you can use it just under the eyes to help reduce dark circles.

This hydrating pacifying mask made with real cucumber extract that cools, calms and pacifies the skin
- gives deep cleansing without drying
- balances the skin’s PH levels with repairing benefits for smokers.
- reverses collagen damage from being in the sun to long.
- contains cellulose gel which is superior to Vitamin C and Vitamin E which helps protect the skin from skin cancer.
- speeds up the natural repair systems and inhibits such damage.
- In later years, a drop in natural levels of Q10 is thought to cause ageing wrinkles to the skin. This product will help contribute to reversing the appearance of wrinkles.


Yes – you can use this product unreservedly.
You also produce a kind of sweat which contains high levels of bacteria that can cause things like ‘jock itch’ – even foot fungus is linked with the same bacteria.
This sweat,called Tinea Cruris, is a strong fungal infection and is very common in men; it’s also linked to womens complaints e.g. thrush.
So, what is good for all these problems? Body oils…and especially the Easy Shaving Oil. The oils in the range are full of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal natural oils and using them kills off the infection. Just use a small amount as a body lotion around the areas and you’ll find it clears. N.B.If you have sensitive skin our shower gels are non-irritating.

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